Watercolour Wildlife

Watercolour Horse Series

'Grace', Acrylics
'Grace', Acrylics, 120 x 40cm


You and Me

Carina Kramer artist, Elephant painting, Palette knife, Wildlife Art, Realism, Textured painting,  Acrylic painting, Elephant, Tusks, Skin, Brown, beige, green, Earthy colour,  trunk, wrinkles, Texture
Acrylics and palette knife, 150 x 50cm

Two Worlds

Carina Kramer artist, Leopard painting, Wildlife Art, Realism, Leopard on a stone, Green Eyes, Glowing, Sunrays, Spots, Brown, Yellow, Green
Oil over Acrylics, 120 x 40cm

Silent Wings

Carina Kramer artist, Owl, wings, Oilpainting, acrylic, lighting, glowing eyes, feathers, Great Horned Owl, night, dark, light, spotlight, flight, wildlife art, shadows
Oil over acrylics, 150 x 65cm


Carina Kramer art, Buzzard, Beak, eyes, bird of prey, eagle, feathers, wings, realistic, 3D, airbrush, acrylic colour,
Acrylics, 150 x 65cm