Carina´s passion for the detail of wildlife and nature goes back to her early childhood. Born in a rather large city (Wuppertal, Germany) she was confronted with a lack of pure nature and wilderness and the only way of bringing animals into her life was the zoo, which she absolutely loved during that time. Moving close to a nature reserve in northern Germany then kindled her artistic career.


After experimenting with acrylics for a while she started taking weekly painting lessons for a year, which influenced her work dramatically. The lessons gave her a first solid set of tools for painting animals, especially their eyes. Gaining knowledge and passing it on seems a recurring pattern in her career as she already taught art at a primary school for a year, despite her young age.


Since nature plays a vital role in Carina´s art, she constantly considers the sustainability of paints, which lead to her putting aside acrylics and experimenting with water soluble oil paint before moving on to watercolours.


Her mindset as a professional artist developed during her first solo exhibition in 2016 followed by her winning the Hahnemühle calendar art competition for 2017. Being a finalist of the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017 exhibition in the Mall Galleries in London was another important achievement complemented by her being the youngest artist there.



Artist Statement


The word ‘Art’ covers such a variety of different things, but I believe that there is one thing they all have in common: Art no matter of what kind, deals with something. That can be anything displayed coherently to totally baffling and no matter if the individual viewer likes it or not.


My art is not different. Many people do not understand why someone paints something so realistic, if one can just take a photo. But this is the point, if one ‘just takes a photo’ it lacks the layer of intention most of the times and it often does not hold the viewer´s attention for long (and I am not talking about photographers, who know how to capture an emotion).


When I am creating an artwork I carefully build it up layer upon layer. It takes anything from a day to weeks - depending on the size - to capture all of the stunning detail of the animal. Then, if somebody looks at the finished artwork, he/she is often more likely to dwell on it for longer, maybe going from the appreciation of the artwork to an overall appreciation of nature itself.


My art brings something far closer to the viewer and makes him see the beauty that surrounds us and that is worth to be protected. “


Carina Kramer



  • Artist for Conservation Membership
  • Art & Vielfalt 2018, Magdeburg
  • Finalist of the ARC Salon 2018 (Art Renewal Center)
  • Kayamoja Art Exhibition in Namibia
  • Wildlife Artist of the Year 2018 Finalist (The Mall Galleries, London)


  • Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017 Finalist (The Mall Galleries, London)


  • Art show at 'Ihre Galerie' in Trittau
  • Winner of the Hahnemühle Art Competition for 2017